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Frequently Asked Questions   30 January 2020

These are the Frequently asked questions during the period when registration is open

Q1. I had problems registering in the first week should I try again?

A1. Yes. It is likely that your problem was caused by a technical hitch at our end. This is now sorted out and we hope you can register this time. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Q2. When I try to Login I get a message saying "Email Address" is incorrect, please try again. What does this mean?

A2. This either means that you have typed your email address incorrectly, if so check it and try again. Otherwise you are trying to Login without registering, please click the Register tab to register your unique email and password.

Q3: When I enter my email address I get a message saying that the email address already exists, what does this mean?

A3. Have you already registered or do you share the same email address with another artist? If you have already registered, please click the Login tab to enter the email address and password you used to register. If you share an email address with another artist such as a wife or husband, you will have to create a unique email address which can be made up as in (aanderson@dunkeldartexhibition.com) to put in the email field of the Registraion page to complete the registration.

Q4. I have registered, but want to review and change the information I provided, can I do this?

A4. Yes - click on the Login tab then enter your email address and password (if you are not already logged in) and you will be able to view and change your registration details. N.B. You cannot change your email address and password since these are used to identify you.

Q5. When I try to login I get a message saying "Password (case sensitive)" is incorrect, please try again. What does this mean?

A5. This means that the password you entered is wrong. The password is case sensitive, so you need to enter the password exactly as you created it during the registration process.

Q6. How do I know that I have successfully registered?

A6. If you are unsure that you are successfully registered go onto the Art Exhibition Website. Click on the Login tab. Enter your email and password. If you can see all your details and artwork correctly displayed then you are successfully registered. Please note the system does not generate an automated reply telling you that you have successfully registered.

Q7. We are 2 artists but we only have one e-mail address. What do we do?

A7. Register the first artist with their name and the only email address. Register the second artist with their name and a made up email e.g. sallyrobertson@dunkeldartexhibiton.com. We will still be able to pull off all the information about your art even though the email address is made up. If you want to be sure you have successfully registered see Q6. The system will not allow you to enter the same e-mail address twice as this has to be unique to each artist submitting work.

Q8 What password should I use?

A8. Anything you can remember. The system is sensitive to whether you have used a capital letter or a lower case letter. It is easiest not using capital letters or spaces in a password eg srobertson is easier than S Robertson. Your password will remain the same from year to year so try to think of something you will remember next year!

Q9. Can I submit more that 3 pieces of artwork?

A9. Seek authorisation from Margaret Scott if you wish to submit more than 3 pieces of artwork. If you have permission simply click the round green plus button saying "Add artwork" as many times as you need. Remember to click the Save button to submit the changes and/or additions you have made.

Q10. I have had difficulty entering images of my work.

A10. This may be because you are trying to enter too large an image. You should ensure that the resolution is no more than 100dpi and that the image is no larger than 10 x 15 cm or 6 x 4 in. The format should JPG.

Q11. I entered my artwork but when I went back to check it wasn't there.

A11. You need to make sure you click Save button at the end of the page, when you enter any information or make any additions, deletions, changes to you registration information. It can take up to one or two days for registration to be shown.

Q12. I have changed my mind about which pieces of art I want to submit

A12. No problem at all. Simply Login (through the Login tab) then scroll down the page, find the piece of artwork you wish to delete and press the red minus "Delete Artwork" button located just above right of the "Title of Artwork" field. Then press the green plus button saying "Add Artwork" and enter your new piece. Remember to press click the Save button to save all changes you have made.

Q13. I have read all the advice above, but I am still having trouble

A13. Please download and print the registration form (PDF document) below, which includes instructions about where to post it:If you have any questions, please send an email to DunkeldArt@aol.com

RegistrationForm-0.pdf (click the link to download the Registration Form).
White Spring Sampler [SOLD]
by Jean Le Maitre
silk, cotton, linen
Medium: Other
Size: 33 x 30 cm
Mountain Pass Before Dawn
by Magnus Ibbetson
Medium: Acrylics
Size: x x x cm
Robin and ladybird [SOLD]
by Jane Ross
Tunnocks robin and ladybird
Medium: Other
Size: 26 x 21 cm