Alexander Taylor Dickie

My name is Alexander Taylor Dickie, I was born in Bridgeton in Glasgow, Scotland Uk in 1945. I left school at 15, and had several jobs before becoming a Motor Engineer. I acquired top marks at School for Art, however, never really took it seriously until I was 38 years old. I have over 40 years experience working in both Oils and Watercolours. I am completely self taught, and have sold literally thousands of Paintings Worldwide, both through Exhibitions of my work, and commissions. I have painted numerous Commissions including a 80 feet Painting in the Library of Andrew Carnegie’s Hunting Lodge, in Aultnagar, Scotland, commissioned by the owners. I have held Art Classes and taught Art in the place where I stay, in Lanark, with my wife and family. The detail of my work is exceptionally portrayed in the Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson Paintings. I am an Artist to the stars, and Celebrities, and accept Commissions from anyone in Show Business and from all walks of life. I have painted from life, but prefer to work from Photographs in my home studio, this enables me to give more time to detail in each artwork. I have exceptional talent and ability to bring various photographs together to paint from onto the one canvas and produce each time a total masterpiece. Alexander.

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