Jeanie McAuley

Jeanie McAuley is a mixed-media artist from central Scotland, UK, where she also studied art and design with a focus on architecture and interiors. At its core, her art serves as a vehicle for her thoughts and emotions. Most often, it captures a sudden inspiration that occurs to her in daily life, whether it be a resurfaced memory, a remark by her daughter, something inspired by her grandchildren, or an element of the natural world. While diverse in nature, these fleeting moments leave profound impressions on her.
She uses a variety of methods and materials, including mixed media, watercolour, pastels, and pencils, to form her art. Her intuitive process results in loosely figurative or botanical compositions full of color, pattern, and abstract forms, sometimes subtly embellished with gold watercolour. While she draws upon Symbolist and decorative art traditions, she doesn’t confine herself to any movement; by keeping her practice open and experimental, she hopes that viewers recognise themselves in her compositions in their own way.
Additionally, Jean serves on a board of directors for an organisation in Clackmannanshire, Scotland that promotes good mental health and well-being through the arts; this passion surfaces in her own practice. Ideas of health and balance gently guide her choices, such as in her frequent use of concentric designs, and several of her pieces seek to find order within life’s chaos. Often, she explores certain motifs by taking them out of a familiar context and reframing them, creating new possibilities in a new and surprising way.
Above all, Jean’s work is rooted in positivity. Each artwork serves as a personal note of encouragement that thoughtfully reminds viewers of life’s potential and beauty.

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