Julie Close

I trained and worked as a medical photographer. Where the accuracy of recording and illustrating conditions has been an excellent companion for my personal work.
I think of the computer screen as an empty stage, waiting for the scene to be set and a story to unfold. Once I have an idea, often inspired by my environment or current issues, I gather the photographs I’ll need and write the accompanying narrative. This often requires researching habitats, waiting months for seasonal changes and plants to come into flower.
I digitally blend the multiple photographs of textures, landscapes and still life images together. Then hand print them, using pigmented inks on premium lustre and matte papers. They’re designed with their own individual border. The sheen and vibrancy of the lustre image contrasts beautifully with the muted tones of the matte border, creating a subtle 3D effect.
I print my images for either box framing or to be included in my hand crafted books.

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