Stacy Ormrod

I am a self taught artist originally focusing my time on oil paintings. Recently I have started Needle Felting/Wool Art.
My Inspiration for my work is God’s Amazing Creations in Nature.
I put a lot of Love and Care into all my work and try to make them look as realistic as possible.
I use Natural and Plant dyed Wool and Felt for my work and I hand blend different wools to achieve the colour I require.
Needle Felting is a process where you use a special barbed needle to attach wool onto a piece of felt. By repeatedly pushing the needle through the fibres the tiny barbs (tiny hooks) on the end of the needle pull the wool into the felt and interlock the fibres together without needing to use glue.
I Hope my Wooly Creations bring you Lots of Joy and Reflect the Beauty of God’s Amazing Creations.

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